From the courtroom to the boardroom: benefit from the unique skills of the barrister
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What we do
Professional Training

We train in a range of areas including:
  • advocacy and public speaking;
  • communication skills;
  • courtroom skills (including giving evidence);
  • conducting successful negotiations;
  • focused analysis and critical thinking; and
  • conducting investigations.
All of our training can be tailored to your individual requirements. Examples of courses include:
  • Advocacy for the Junior Lawyer: passing on advocacy tips from courtroom experience.
  • How to Conduct an Investigation: using a fair and reasonable approach to product the correct result which can withstand external scrutiny.
  • From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: employing barristers’ techniques to persuasive public speaking and negotiations in a business context.
  • Achieving Best Evidence: witness training for the professional witness (expert witnesses, social workers and police officers) ensuring that clear and robust answers can be given to challenging questions.
  • Receiving Complaints in the Child Protection Context: how to ensure that serious complaints are approached and handled in the most effective way in order to avoid any prejudicial effect on any subsequent investigation.
Prices start from £500 plus VAT for a half day session with one of our trainers.

Professional skills based training for the
public and private sectors

transferring courtroom skills to the professional arena

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